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Monday, November 4, 2013

Meet the Triplets

Suffix -ed

You can get this unit by clicking here or by clicking on the picture below

Suffix ed 1st grade Grammar

No, there are no real triplets around here but I was excited enough about these 3 that I went ahead and created this blog that I had been putting off for a few years now. As I am testing the unit in my own class, I am adding pictures and notes.  I don't want to throw something out there that hasn't been tried in a classroom yet!   

Suffix -ed

Suffix -ed

     Interactive Reader with 4 pages front to back (8 Pages total)

Suffix -ed book

Before the reader, I used the words with the velcro triplets.  They read the words without _ed first then as I added  _ed they read the word again (removable _ed triplets with velcro).  You can use this in a variety of ways

Worksheet 1 is definitely a little more challenging and makes them think.  A few of my students colored the wheel first on their own and said, “I colored the wheel to match the triplets so it can help me know what sound -ed makes.  Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that as it definitely wasn't in my instructions!

Today I pulled small groups to work on the reading passages.  There are two differentiated passages with differentiated flow maps using order words in this unit.  The one shown below was difficult for my two students that I work with everyday.  Today we color coded some of the sight words, circled ordered words, colored -ed, and I read the passage to them as they tracked and worked on decoding strategies.  The 2nd group of students I thought would have a difficult time with the passage as well but they surprised me and even color coded the _ed the color of the triplets without prompting.  They kept saying this is FUN! I'll add the 2nd passage tomorrow as I have yet to give that to my more fluent readers.
Suffix ed K-2


I made this anchor chart for them to chart words on over the next few days. They can write on it as they find words, you can give them colored red, blue, and purple post-its during reading time and they can add their words that way.  It's just butcher paper cut to the size you want.

Printable Triplets Post-its and smaller words to use with small group, in a station, or give post-its to students as a reminder when reading.

Some other Items Included
Suffix -ed Graphic organizer
Suffix -ed Notebook 

In case you missed the link . . .

To get this unit click here

Suffix _ed  DIY (Cost $7.00)

I made these to go with the unit and to hang on the wall as a reference.  I wanted something other than an anchor chart.  It cost me $7.00 to make these.  Instructions are at the bottom of picture.

Suffix -ed

What you need:

*3 unfinished frames . I bought mine at Michaels Crafts(4 ½” x 6”) for $1.00 a piece in the unfinished wood section.  There is no glass.

*unfinished wood letters (ed, d, and t) .  They were $0.99 a piece.  I had to buy a "p" and turn it upside down because they were out of d’s!

* 1 copy of the "Meet the Triplets" colored from  the unit.  I printed them 2 to a page to shrink them small enough to fit.

What you do:
Use any colored paint you have available and paint frames and letters.  Laminate black paper and cut to size.  Laminate the triplets and cut around them.  I used velcro dots to place in the center of frame to help them stand out.  Hot glue or use Velcro dots to attach letters.  You can hang them, set them on shelf, or drill holes in the frame and hang with ribbon.

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