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Saturday, November 16, 2013

It's that time again - Time to Revisit Routines and Procedures in January

It's that time of year again.  I want the rest of the year to go well and I want my students to learn as much as they can.  I will be changing what I do and adding a reflection corner.  

Click on the Picture Below to take you the Unit.  Download the preview to see a clearer document of the pictures shown below. 

As some of you may know, I switched to a new school in a new district and a new grade.  Everyone in the grade has to have the same rules posted and follow the same format sort of speak so - I DID.  We had to have the whole clip chart going with  Good Day, warning, time-out, etc.   It was so disheartening for me.  I was the newbie so I could not break the RULES and step on toes plus I need to keep my JOB!  Anyhow, I am bringing this out after break.  Yep - I am.  Why?   Because I believe in it and the clip chart does not work for those kids who are always moving their clip - and guess what?  The other teachers in my grade level are talking about poor behaviors, not listening, etc. and revisiting routine and procedures when they get back.   I will tell you right now that my hardest 3 kids - the behavior chart does nothing to help or change their behaviors.  My 1 (cute as a button) but oh so difficult child when it comes to following rules constantly was disheartened when he did not get a happy face at the end of the day.  He said to me one day,"I just can't be good."  So - there, I was done. Good-buy Chart! Again.  My other little guy (cute as a button too), shut down every time he moved his clip and stopped working.  At the end of the day, he would say, "I superstar?" He honestly had no clue why he was not a superstar.  He proceeded to say, "My dad is so happy when I Superstar."  Okay, so my job is to help him get there and moving a clip doesn't address his issues.  My 3rd little guy struggles with doing the right thing and wants to but "walks the line" most of the time.  Moving a clip doesn't help him either.  He really needs to identify what his strengths and weaknesses are so he can put himself  in good situations.  I have other students too but those are example of my toughest 3.  So when I get back - I am implementing parts of this unit (not all) and the unit by another teacher (posted below).  
The Way I Teach Tonya Leslie
January might be the middle of the year  but it sure is a good time to go back and teach classroom routines and procedures.  It's also a good time to reflect and change what has not been working for you or your students.  This is an older post but I wanted to revisit it.  There are revised portions of the above unit and I will continually revise it.  I will be adding editable slips for you to customize.  

Here is a reflection piece too that has 30 pages for different levels if needed.  Each one matches the symbol (sort of a re-thinking letter).  Can be done at school or at home.

There is also ones that are blank with just the symbols for students who are not writing yet.

I have been using this behavior management system in my class this year.  I spent 2 years researching self-regulating students for my masters and after trying the many different and sometimes very popular behavior management charts and systems . . .  I felt my students needed something different.

*My main question about previous plans I used was how did it help the student change their behavior or for that matter recognize it?

This kit has behavior slips with the same symbols that are on students nameplates. Each slip has the most common occurring behaviors students do.  There are 9 of these slips all together and some OUTSTANDING slips as well (which is not part of the 9).  This makes it easy on the teacher for time sake and it helps communicate the behavior with the parents.
The other concern I had was the interruption of children getting up to turn a card or move a clip.  This often resulted in the child missing further instruction as they got up or other students losing instruction from watching them.  Thus, the nameplates where students or teachers can move the clip.  Students can have more than 1 clip on their nametag. The kit includes a variety of nameplate options with or without a star for students to get to outstanding.  If you don't like the idea of a nameplate, I did include "frames" with the same symbols and wording to make a clip chart that can be displayed on the wall.

 I strongly believe that many younger students don't know what being responsible, respectful and safe is.  We use pictures when we teach and I think it is just as important for them to have pictures for learning expectations which is why I used the symbols.  The symbols are in the same order on everything.

*I included an editable parent letter, teacher tracker, and information on how I use this in my class and how I organize it.

IT's too late!  School already started!   No, it's never to late to try something new especially when what you are doing isn't working.  My teaching partner started using just the slips a week ago!

I am reprinting my name tags because I do think children who go above and beyond should be rewarded so I added the outstanding piece. 

I included a variety of options for the outstanding slips to save you from trying to remember or write a note at the end of a very hectic day.

If you are interested or want to read more about it, click HERE  or on the picture below to download the preview.

This post and this unit is about helping students help themselves.  I ran across this post by another teacher if you want to read more about not using a clip chart.  I don't think they are beneficial.  What this teacher does I studied in a "Helping Children Change their Behavior" Professional Level Masters Course.  A student who is disrupting class lessons may benefit from going to a time out place as mentioned in this post rather than going to move a clip.  In my kindergarten class this year, I have used a lot of social stories to address problem areas in the classroom.  They are nit social stories that I make up but I was given a book with a zillion of them and the kids love them. 

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