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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Math Poster

I put this Math Post min-unit "project" up as a FREEBIE for a short time for you to try.  It keeps kids highly engaged since they are using pom-poms as manipulatives (ornaments for their tree) through the entire project.  They are so proud when they are finished!   I will have one of these a month and once your students finish one of these projects - they will be able to do the others on their own independently.  Happy Holidays to you and yours! 

The best part of this project was the student drawings!  Seriously . . . I love kid drawings!  This project has so much math packed in it and all the math activities are tied to the manipulative ornaments the students use (pom-poms).  They absolutely love making these posters and are so engaged the entire time.  When they are all done, they glue their ornaments (pom-poms) to the large tree.  It's a simple project that the kids get without wanting to "poke your eyes out!"   

Probability Writing
Pie Chart
Sum of Tens Facts
Introduction to fractions (parts of a whole number)
Christmas Color List 
Mini-lesson prior to student activities (optional)

It’s very little prep and a good half day activity.  Great for a sub too! 
Click on any picture to take you my TPT store.  The unit is FREE (for a short time).  You can download the preview to read the instructions and whats included.  The preview also has more pictures.  Happy Holidays to you!
I am tryng to add more pictures so you can see their drawings . . . oh so cute  . . .but my pictures keep getting flipped upside down!  I'll try again tomorrow.  If you want to see more, for now just click on any of the pictures and download the preview.


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