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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow Unit & Jammed Packed!

This unit has taken me forever to finish.  Partly because I don't like to offer units to other teachers without teaching them first in my own room.  This at least let's me find any errors and what worked and didn't work for me. I can also see which activities are the children's favorite.  This unit has so much but the most important element was the EMBEDDED VOCABULARY.  My favorite was the "Read and Do" student reader. I have a few EL students and my class this year does not have a vast amount of background knowledge.  1st graders loved the compound word activity and the writing. Here are some pictures but there are many other sheets that are included and not shown.  Instructions and pictures are included in the unit.
Click on any of the pictures to take you to the unit.  It's only                                                 $6.00
If you download the preview - you'll find the compound word freebie there.

Here is another Freebie for You . . . Snowmen Number Bonds Sheet to use in centers or whole group.  Click HERE to get it.

Click on any of the pictures to take you to the unit.  It's only $6.00



Sunday, January 12, 2014

Daily 5 and a look at this Craziness!

To think this is just the 1st half of the morning . . . 

Daily 5 Routine Schedule

What the heck!  Look at that craziness!  I wanted to get a clearer idea of exactly what  it was I was doing and what the kids were doing so I made a diagram.  Just looking at the diagram made my head spin.  Wowie! Wow! Wow! as Junie B. would say.  Looks crazy but It actually runs really smooth.  UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE.  Now let me cross my fingers and hope it stays this way and that the learning measures up when I assess.  I want to do a Prezi using this diagram that includes the type of activities and pictures so follow me if you want to know when I do.

Small Groups:  This does allow me to work with small groups or with students 1/1.  This shows how the morning flows M-Th but this is just 1 day!  I have been working on a unit to use during these rotations.  I am trying the 2nd unit out this coming up week to make sure it is solid and STUDENT APPROVED : ).

Here is a peek at the unit: (this has taken me forever and a day to get the format and also meet the needs of students and teaching styles).  DONE!  YEA!  Tested and Tried and Student Approved!  Click on the pictures to go to the unit.
The unit has everything you need for  "simplified" centers, RTI groups, or whole group.  As a bonus, if you use Reading A-Z, this unit compliments the decodable book, "Clare's Sharp Car" and can be used in conjunction with it.  The idea behind these units is simplicity.  Basically, the same picture cards are used for ALL the activities.  Print 1 sheet if you are only using it for small groups or 1 sheet for each center. The other units follow the same format to promote student independence.   Many options are provided along with ideas to accommodate different teaching styles . . .coming soon!  My students benefited a lot from these activities.

 Keeping It All Organized
I have this as a widget on my class web-site.  Each picture is clickable so each picture takes me right to the activity or resource. If you are interested in the widget code let me know.  Just leave me a comment so I know.   Try it out by clicking on the pictures.
Image Map

Writing: I am training my students on the writing component and when they are ready, I hope to be able to add work on writing which will incorporate more of the grammar and author's traits.  Writing workshop is separate.

Shopping for Books:  I had to add shopping for books into the rotations or it seemed we never had time.  I have a schedule where 3-5 kids shop for books each day during the 1st rotation.

Word Work - I keep it simple! I don't do well with managing pieces with center type stuff though it all looks so wonderful. Phonics programs on the computers, charting words using decodables with the focus sound for the week, easy to use board games that follow the same format (phonics, making words, and grammar type games, stamping words in play-dough - soon to be gone and replaced).

Rotations: Every student goes to read-to-self and read-to-someone everyday.  They can pick 1 word-work activity per day but get through all 4 by Thursday.  The students are loving their morning.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 New Year Linky Party!

Day 4: Professional - I finished my Masters last year and that was tough to get through it.  My professional goal this year is to get this blog under control and organize my classroom files.  Plus, we may make a move this year and I dread packing up my classroom more than my house.  I have to start organizing and clearing out now or I'll never make it!  So I guess this fits under Day 5 as well.  What was my "1 word" . . . positive be positive.     

Day 3:  Fitness - I was unable to exercise for a year after  we were rear ended  on the freeway which caused us to hit the car in front of us.  I had a dashboard injury (both knees were shoved in the dashboard).  So I had to take it easy for my knee's sake.   So try explaining to an insurance agent that you'd rather crawl and teach rather than do lesson plans and just because you go to work doesn't mean you weren't injured.
Goal 1:  Walk/run (more like walk) 4-5 times a week at 5:30 in the morning.  I get up at that time but instead of exercising I usually sit and make something on the computer that I just have to make for an activity that day/week.

Goal 2: Make & eat more clean foods.

I am in NO WAY giving up my coffee in the mornings.  It doesn't wake me up but rather calms me so I can stay more focused.  

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!  I missed Day 1 of this linky party held by Blog Hoppin but it's better late than never, Right? I love this linky because it's a reminder we do have a life outside of teaching and prepping.

Day 2:  Crafting and Creating (hopefully I won't scare you away with the stuff I make). 
 I am self-taught at everything and love reading how-to books then I have at it. Sewing, sculpting, felting, nuno-felting, pattern making, spun cotton, upcycling, soldered art, and on and on. Here is a sample of things I like to make when not teaching.  Oh how it takes me into a world of peace when I get to work on these things.  I have a ton of unfinished projects like these.  I need to finish and quit starting new things until I finish what I already started.  Boy, it will be hard.

It's called primitive folk-art *the owls, pumpkins, snowman*

This post reminds me of all things unfinished - UUUGGHHHHH! Add finish things to my New Years Resolution for 2014.
Seat Pouch Tutorial:  Write the tutorial for this plus finish the 5 remaining ones so I have a complete class set.  I am seeing a pattern here.  Unfinished things - this will be the year I finish things.   I posted it over a year and many people want the tutorial.  This is #1 on my list. 

Day 1: Family and Fun

 This year I want to spend more time with my kids do quality things and not so much time working. My time is limited with my older 2 children since they are 18 & 21.  I want to be sure to spend as much time with them as possible before they leave to start a life of their own. Then I have my 11 year old and sometimes I feel guilty because I spend more time helping my kids in my class than my own son. 
Every year we take a road trip and it is so much fun! Last summer we ventured up to the Colorado Rockies.  Beautiful.  We also spend a ton of time together and baseball functions which monopolizes our family time. 

Linkin up with sunnydaysinsecondgrade for "My Truth Monday" "My 1 Word" . . . 

My mom is the most positive person I have ever known.  She doesn't have a negative thing to say about or toward anyone. She's great.  As a daily dose and reminder, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your character . . . be positive.  


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