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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Suffix -le Mini-Unit

My kiddos really enjoyed the activities with the er,ir,ur mini-unit so I made a similar mini-unit with the suffix -le (because that's the skill for the week and I couldn't find much out there either after a mad hunt for stuff).  They learn about dropping the e and adding-ed and -ing as well.  I used lots of pictures clip-art so it's kid friendly.  I also added an assessment for the end of the week as a quick check to see who can use the words correctly.  I have a helper who comes in and I have my help play "snap" using the 30 word cards the following week for students who struggle reading the words.  There is a little bit of everything everything in the unit for different learning styles and the prep isn't overwhelming.  Off to get ready for work!  Have a great day!  After being in the "zone" for some many hours . . . here you go.
30 Cards, 2 Games, Parts of Speech, Tree Maps (2), Word Search, Word Sort, Mini-Word Book, Assessment, Headers
Click on the picture to take you to the mini-unit.

Suffixes word work

Word Search and Sort . . . 
Suffix -le word search

A Mini-Book to Write in . . . 
I decided to use linking cubes for the game pieces.  The kids love them.  Each mini-unit has a set of 4 color game pieces.
word work
 I use the sorts from this unit as one of the choices for Word-Work.  They also fill in a matching graphic organizer.  Each week I change the sort out with the new sound spelling focus.

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