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Saturday, April 19, 2014

CVCe Magic, Bossy, Silent E Bundle

Here it is . . . 5 Mini-Units in one bundle.  I kept the academic language as CVCe since the e is taught so many different ways.  That way you can add your own academic language without confusing your little ones.  These mini-units have a little more than than the other units. You can click on any of the pictures below to take you to the unit.

*I added a Passport Booklet for each CVCe spelling so their are 4 passports total (I didn't include 1 for the review unit).
Bossy E  Silent E
You don't have to use the passports but they were easy for the kids to use and served as recording sheets when  completing the 4 activities shown on the cover. I have included ways to differentiate as well.
Long Vowel activities Word Work
Here is the passport in use.  All 5 units also help students to differentiate the difference between the long and short vowel sounds so they are more aware when they spell and stretch out words when they read.  I have included instructions for different ways to play the games but they are simple to prep and great for small group as well or RTI.  You can hear the kids at work when playing the games - they force the kids to read, match, and stretch their words out s-l-o-w-l-y.  
Long Vowels Word Work
Randomness:  This Morning, I realized the top part of the cover is cut off on TPT so you can't really even see what the unit is.  I had to re-do a picture for TPT so you can tell what it is.  Was curious, which one do you like better anyways.  We can call the top A and the bottom picture B?  I originally had picture B(bottom) because it has the same format as all the other mini-units so you could recognize it easily as the same time of unit.  Does it matter? Who knows.  That's why I am asking you.  Really curious about that one.
Long Vowels Word Work

The cover only shows the a_e unit (and I still couldn't put everything on the cover)! Each of the following: a_e, u_e, i_e, and u_e have all of what's on the a_e cover and more.  I have added a graphing sheet, more variations to the game, ABC order, Matching/Go Fish Cards and the passport.
The review unit includes only the magic/silent/bossy e activities and you use the 4 headers above with the review which some of you at this time of year may want.  The other units, if you have already taught them, now is a good time to get them and prep them for the beginning of next year if you teach 1st or 2nd.  The review unit has all the same activities with a few more graphs but NO passport.

It took over 5 weeks for this unit to be completed (1 week for each mini-unit).  My other mini-units are $2.00 and these mini units have much more! I have 5 units for $8.00 that's less than $2.00 a unit and 137 pages.  I do hope you take a look at them. Not that I am great t implementing centers but I include the games and passport activities so students get the opportunity to work in partners.  I had to do a lot of research when I was in my Masters program and partner/peer work is so important in developing Self-Regulating Independent learners.  It really is important for your lower half of your students.
You can click on any of the pictures to take you to the unit.  I can't wait for you to use them.
We had Spring break and are back to work this coming Monday.  With 7 weeks left of school I am starting to do the Happy Dance but freaking out at the same time rethinking what I have left to teach. How about you? Are you ready for the end of the year or do you panic at the though? Don't forget to check out some of the Camp Ocean Pines pictures I posted in an earlier post.  In case you missed it - the entire 5th grade traveled to Cambria, California on a "yellow" bus for 5 1/2 hours and spent 5 days at camp (absolutely amazing) during school time - Oh yeah! I went with. So Amazing. Words can't possibly tell all the life skills that went along with the learning at the camp.

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