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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Math Games Freebie K-2 & Camp Ocean Pines

I haven't posted in a while but it has been CRAZY around here.  I have been working on the long vowel unit with the bossy/magic/tricky/silent E  and am putting it together as 1 unit.  It is pretty much done and I love it but I can't get to it until I get back from a 5 Day Camp with 5th Graders to Camp Ocean Pines.  I am looking forward to it but dreading it at the same time.  6 hours on a bus with 5th graders  . . . uhhhh . . . Can I have an order of the GIANT sized aspirins PLEASE!  Our school, which is probably one of few, take their 5th graders to a camp during school time for 5 days (public school).  It is great! I will be posting pictures from the camp this week.  Oh, you are probably wondering why I am going when I am a first grade teacher.   My son is in 5th grade this year.   So I am going as a parent and not a chaperone but will help if needed.  However, here is my VERY BIG EXCUSE for not posting . . .
1) Report cards were due this week along with conferences
2) Our house is up for sale and we have an open house on April 13th (2 days after I get back with 3 males in the house for a week without me!) Plus I have to keep it somewhat clean daily.
3)  Lice, lice, lice, in my class!
4)  I got a set of twins from Spain that put my class at 27! Talk about adjusting and room rearranging        to fit everyone.  I went from 21 to 27 this year! Sorry if you have more than 27 - I hear you.
5) Getting things ready for camp.
6) The worst . . . . READY . . . .SUB PLANS for 5 DAYS!

So I just wanted to post this FREEBIE for Math Games in case you didn't see it before.  When I get back I'll post the Long Vowel Mini Unit.  PROMISE.  For now, here is that math FREEBIE.  Click HERE or on the picture.
Kindergarten Math Freebie !st grade Math Freebie
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! That's all I can say.  The kids were busy for 7:20 in the morning to 8:30 at night. Their days were filled with hands on learning, outdoor exploration, and life-skills that I can't even begin to write about. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! Here are only some of the pictures and I probably have about 2 days left off that I haven't put together.  Not to mention I forgot my camera during squid disection and Plankton under the microscope after they fished it out for the end of the pier and out of the Ocean,  Talk about Common Core.  So many standards were brought to life here for the kids. I just can't say enough as a parent or a teacher.

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