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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Long i Spelled igh, ie, y, i_e, and i {A not so Mini Mini-Unit}

Long I  Word Work

I have been making these units to help with teaching the sound spelling.  We followed the pacing guide with our Hartcourt HM Storytown this year but have definitely switched the pacing for next year!  If you look below, the silent E was just taught (I taught it earlier but what the heck! April of first grade to teach silent E?   Anyhow,  I may get 1 or 2 more of these units competed before the end of the year but the others I will have to do in the summer since we get out JUNE 4TH!  HOOT! HOOT!   Here is what is next after the LONG i unit:  ie & y that makes the E sound (I will also include spelling changes for y to ier and y  to ies). I hope to complete  oo/oo as in soon book, and ou as in cloud/clown.  In the Summer, I plan on working on au/aw, oi/oy  silent letters gn/wr/kn.  I have a few others I had started but have yet to complete.   If you don't see something here you are looking for, leave me a comment and I can put that on my list.
     Here is an outline of what is included in the unit.  It does not show the ice cream recording booklet for your kiddos. 
Long I Word Work

My littles favorite activity was making the ice cream craft of course.  They charted the long i words on the correct sound spelling.  Many of the activities are interchangeable to fit your teaching style (small group, whole group/stations/centers/homework practice/independent practice).  Here are some more pictures of the unit in action.

This was their favorite activity.  Some built their ice cream scoops 1 on top of the other while some made old fashioned looking scoops.  Looks great on the walls and is a great visual reminder for students.

This is the recording booklet for 7 activities. some we completed whole class and colored together because we were short on time.  They are half sheet booklets.  I credit this booklet for keeping my class 100% engaged 100% of the time (that says a lot considering my class dynamics!  Let me just say 27 Kiddos, 4 ADHD, 1 Schitzo,  and of course the mixture of EL's, High, Medium, and Low students.  They were ALL engaged. I was so happy and so were they! They wanted ALL their scoops colored and of course they wanted the REAL ice cream that they get when all activities were complete.  The Ice cream craft can be used with the long i tree map so you conquer 2 activities at once.

Here 2 students decided to play a matching game then record the words in their ice cream booklets.  They can also play go fish and memory with this cards.

Here students put ice cream cones in ABC order.  They work together and record their words.

Here students sort ice cream scoops by long and short vowel sounds.  They then record their words under long and short vowel sounds in their ice cream recording booklet (they can record in a notebook as well).   If you are having them record the words, the green scoops are easier than the scoops with pictures set.  The scopps with pictures are for higher students as they have to spell the words on their own.  This set also comes with cones to build ice cream cones.

Here students are recording their words in their booklet.

We did a lesson on changing y to i and adding es and ed.  They then completed a y to i tree map independently and colored scoop in their booklet.

Game 3 shown below.  Students move game pieces to long or short i depending on the card they picked.  It is amazing to listen to all students regardless of  academic level play this game.  You can here them stretching the word slowly to hear the sound.  My lower students are able to learn from my proficient and higher students as they watch and listen to them (one of the reasons I do partner work with stations and centers even though quite honestly, it is not my favorite thing).  I know it is important. I spent 2 years researching self-regulating students and peer/partner work is so important.

Game 1:  Students take turns spinning the spinner.  They move a matching word to the picture on the board game (these games target sound spellings and vocabulary development.  Not to mention the very important skill of taking turns and working together.  Those red circles are cherries to put on the ice cream.  I just taped them to water bottle lids.  So easy and cute plus it gives a 3-D element to the game.

I did not include pictures of all the activities or any of the independent practice sheets.  
You can click on any of the pictures or HERE to take you to the Long I unit.


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