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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Behavior Management & A Freebie for my Readers

First, let me say my 1st year of teaching I refer to as boot camp for teachers and I sure wish I knew what I know now! 

 I feel a lot of behavior systems don't address student behaviors but mask it.  I am constantly, 
every year, 
every year, 
every year, 
given the students who have issues, autistic, mainstreamed, need nurtured, because from what I understand . . . I am patient.  Patience alone is not a CURE ALL that's for sure.

I  tried the other clip chart, reward coupons, turn a card, prize drawer, group points and they all have their pro's and con's in my eyes.  So here is what I came up with and why.  At the bottom of this post I have included a free download with instructions and the hanging clip chart. If you click on the picture below it will take you to whole unit.

Classroom Management First Week of School

Reflection, reflection, reflection,

I only started thinking differently after completing 2

years of research in my master's program.  

Here it is in a "NUTSHELL."  Plus, if you ever need to do a 504 plan for behavior - BOOYA! DOCUMENTATION  and INFORMED parents is what this system helps with.

·        RESEARCH:  In my master's program I spent 2 years researching self-regulating students.  The research made me think and reflect on student behaviors.  I actually was not going to do a system at all last year but the parents are trained on these charts and rely on them for communication about their child.  There were 2 reasons I was not going to use a system:
1)   I read a quote from a leader in education (can’t recall where but I believe it was from Finland).  I just remember it stated, “when you add accountability, you take responsibility out.”  That statement resonated with me.  What I took from that statement was students need taught responsibility if they aren't doing it on their own.  Flipping a card and moving a clip doesn't teach responsibility nor does it teach being respectful or safe.
2)  Having students move a clip or card during instruction, carpet time, etc. was more of a disruption as all the students looked at them and the student left more instruction to go move their card or clip so I came up with a nameplate with individual clips. If you used the other clip chart, you could always add mini self-stick gems to the clips if they get on outstanding.

Behavior is one of the domains in self-regulating students.  If a child does not learn or is never taught how to be successful it is very unlikely they will self-regulate.  Worse – it follows them their whole life! 
 Like I said, it is only one aspect of self-regulating behaviors.  Nevertheless, I created this chart that is more specific to help students see and recognize the behavior that keeps causing them issues.  I created the tracker so I could see the pattern.  It is more work but then if the behavior isn’t remedied it allows me to see more clearly what behavior modifications are needed or a plan can be made with the student to help them be more successful.   I also feel that the younger the child the better the chance a teacher has at helping them be successful with the behavior they are having issues with.

If you are still with me after all that here is the download for the
hanging clip chart and instructions for how this system works.

Classroom Management 1st week of school

I linked up with Laura over at

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