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Sunday, June 8, 2014

End of Year Student Books

We worked on these at the end of the year. I wanted something simple for the covers. The covers took all but 15 minutes with the exception of hunting down black sharpies from various teachers. Toward the end of the school year we wrote letters each day to 1 student (sometimes 3) when we got behind. Then I laminated and bound the books. They really are so cute and the letters were just hilarious. I got the idea from this personal blog by Brooke Reynolds.  I just used her pictures as a guide and "winged" it.  Ijust love the black and white contrast and ink drawings.

Student Art Writing Cover
Student Book

If you click on the picture it will take you to my facebook page where I plan to give away freebie units and such.  I am NEW to the whole Facebook thing so it will be a learning curve.  I have to like my own page just to find it.  What the heck.   I never had a personal one to learn the ends and outs so be patient this summer since it it a . . . WORK IN PROGRESS.

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