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Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Made It #7 - Don't be Scared!

I really wish I had more to share but I thought I would give you good laugh anyways.  I am linking up again with 4th grade frolics for Monday Made it.  Head over there to find more ideas that inspire and get you motivated.   
Okay, for those of you who don't know, I use to make primitive very folk-arty patterns of dolls and sell them nationally in magazines.  Well, every once in a while it just happens to come out. This time it just came out at the wrong time.  I drew up these cute little shape characters and they are rather cute I tell you in pencil until I tried let me reiterate that . . . I T-R-I-E-D to color it which I have no experience of doing on the computer and probably have no business doing.  Go ahead, you can laugh but I have a feeling the kids would be crying and running! Needless to say I put them aside for now.

These guys above is exactly why I signed up for Melonheadz session at the TPT conference.  She is a very neat person and was AMAZING! but I still don't think I will be doing clip art anytime soon - I just like to doodle - A LOT.  She did give these out at her session which was awfully sweet.

I made business cards to take to the TpT Conference in Vegas.  I did it at the last minute because I wasn't sure if I was going to go.  Here is a picture of the front and the back the gray is not on it I just added it here to give a border.  I pretty much just took things off my blog because I was out of time and it was 1 in the morning.  Here is the problem with doing important things in the middle of the night:
1) You might forget to add your name (duh)
2) You might forget to add your email addrees (duh #2)
but I got the fancy QR codes ??????
Business Cards

Being that I still haven't packed up my classroom for the BIG move, I decided to organize all of my stuff I haven't put back for the past 8 years.  I have a really bad habit of laying things down and making piles (LARGE piles) and then making double copies and in my case I found 5 copies of the same book - I KNOW. So I made and am still making more covers for my binders as I organize.  Here is the start of them. I am doing the LA in one color, the math in another, and so on.
Binder Covers and Spines

I am off to go catch up on the inspiration at 4th grade Frolics - I read something about books and bracelets and figure I must have missed something great! I  looooove bracelets!

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