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Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made It - I Spy Bags Quick, Easy, & Cheap!

I am excited to show you these "I Spy" bags but I worn you they can be addicting.  The I spy bags I made for literacy centers so it puts a spin on your typical worksheet and turns it into an interactive recording sheet. When I went to make these It started with inspiration from my kiddos from last year.  They had this obsession with the I Spy books in the class.  At the end of the year they were supposed to be reading to someone while I finished assessing and I would look up and there would be the same 4 students (each and every day) with the I Spy Books hunting for pictures and they were LOUD!  So I would get up an go look at what they were doing because they were just having sooooo much fun when they were supposed to be reading to someone not playing in a group! I would get up and go look being very annoyed but when I would return I would be so happy because they were reading the words and hunting for the pictures and they were having so much fun reading! Did I mention 1 of the students was the lowest in my class and the other was a very disengaged student?  So this made me so happy.  They would be very happy with these activities. I will be adding a Free I Spy class book activity to this blog soon but I have to get packing my house and class!  I am moving soon and have NOT packed a thing! 
*** Tutorial is further down and links to a free I Spy student reader is there too!***

I Spy Back to School 1st Grade
I got picture happy because they were so fun!
Back To School First Grade
 I went on a mission to Hobby Lobby for Duct Tape and seriously  that store can cause issues because they had so many cute duct tape rolls I had to stop myself (do not use anything but duct tape on these.  Scotch tape will come off)! I was supposed to get in and get out with 3 items and $42.00 later - I left.  Whatever.  I am sure I will find good use for all the things I absolutely did not probably need.
Back to school 1st Grade
You can click on the pictures below or the link HERE for the printable instructions for the I Spy Bags.  I also have a Free I Spy book HERE if you want it.

The Wa

Back To School Review 1st Grade

So some are wanting to know where are the activities to go with the I Spy bags.  If you want to know go HERE.
Download the Preview to see all the components.  Its a back to school review unit that helps with integrating review activities so you can teach routine and procedures too.  A "Back to School Guide" for the unit is included in the preview too.

I haven't made this yet but I am going to put it out there for next week and see if I can hold myself to it.  I have 4 vintage/antique iron parlor chairs in need of redoing and they have been outside for about 3 years now.  I also have an antique trunk that I have toted around for about 10 years and I shove it in the closet.  I need to redo them before we move or I may just very well have to give them away because I don't think my spouse will agree with moving those things just to shove them in a closet and stick 4 ugly chairs outside so stay tuned . . . Next Monday.  Cross my fingers!
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Thanks goodness for the "Monday Made Its" to keep us on our toes.

  2. That burlap duct tape is sooooo adorable. One more reason why I'm so sad that there are no Hobby Lobbies in Canada :(

    I'll just have to admire your I spy bags instead! Super cute!

    Apples, Owls, and Peppermint Mochas

    1. You could always do a sensory tub with the handmade moon sand. You definitely are saving $$$ with NO Hobby Lobby's. Order through Amazon?

  3. These are amazing! I was wondering if I could "pin" this on Pinterest? Want to make sure I have your permission before doing so. Thanks!

  4. Pin Away, Pin Away :) LOL. They are fun to make and I forgot . . .very durable.

  5. These are wonderful! I especially like the Scrabble tiles! I keep meaning to make some I Spy bags, but I never do. Now I am motivated to get it done!

    Kay @ Sommer Pride

    1. Hi Kay! Thanks! I think they took about an hour to make 6 and that was as I was figuring the best way to make them A few years back I saw them with fabric and didn't want to take the time to sew them - thank goodness for Duct Tape!

  6. Your ISpy bags are precious!!!! Love the Scrabble one!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'



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