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Monday, July 14, 2014

TpT Conference - 5 Tips Learned

I am linking up to share 5 things I learned at the TpT conference.  I think this is great since it was impossible to attend all the sessions.  Plus, if you couldn't go, you may pick something up.

The conference was fun and I really enjoyed Erin Cob's session from Lovin' Lit.  She is so funny and I don't even think she realizes how funny she is.  She is very motivational and friendly.  She was great!  

Image Properties How Too

Adding a hypelrink in a post

the Way I teach

Replace Fonts made easy

The Way I Teach

I did get to chat with Palma at KFUNdamentals.  She is so sweet and helpful!  I hope you walked away with at least 1 thing from these tips.  Happy MONDAY!


  1. Thanks for linking up!! I didn't know the part about adding properties to pictures.. so glad you shared that!

  2. What exactly does adding properties to your pictures do for your blog? I didn't get to attend that session and I would love to know!

  3. That's funny. Actually I don't know. I guess someone says jump - and I say how high! I just sent her an email to see if she could answer that. As soon as she does I will post it. She didn't say. I guess I figured since she said it - I should do it. I was assuming that it is another way for search engines to find you so if your picture property said Word Work or Phonics 1st Grade it would help in finding your picture/post but I could be totally wrong but that would be cool if it did. If it doesn't - it definitely should. I also Googled it but really didn't find anything.



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