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Sunday, September 28, 2014

I Went Walking FREEBIE

I Went Walking Sequencing and color words
Click on the picture or HERE to get your free copy.  Yes -FREE.  It will take you to Googledocs.  Keep on reading for more FREE activities!

I am starting to get into the groove of things in my new grade in my new school in my new home in my new city.  It has been a lot of adjusting and and I am still trying to get the hang of how the grade level does things and what is mandated and what is not so I am trying to keep a balance with what I make, what I have, what makes sense, my time with my family and my copy count! 
 Ya - My COPY COUNT!  
Actually it has been a good thing. When you are limited you definitely pay attention to what is necessary and what is not and improvise from there on out.  I will be back with pictures of my copyless apple activities that I had to modify to limit my copies.  It has been an eye opener to my own creativity and student creativity.  It's amazing what they will produce when everything is not given to them.  Anyhow, I was needing a sequencing, characters and setting, and color word activity to go with the story, Ï Went Walking," but couldn't quite find what I was looking for.  I hope you can use these and I will post pictures after next week. I will be having the children draw or cut the barn out of construction paper to get practice with cutting or seeing shapes in real objects.

UPDATE:  I made 6 sets of the animal color word cards, divided children in groups of 4, they worked together to sequence the characters in the order they were introduced in the story (after several readings).   I don't have a magnetic board so I put removable hooks on my board and attach twine to create a rope.  I taped the same pictures to plain paper folded like a tent then the children took turns sequencing the animals in the story  on the rope.  Then we checked using the story.   I repeat this pattern often with sentences and then they write the sentence in their journals.  Sorry, I didn't get pictures.  I haven't learned to manage  picture taking and teaching in Kinder yet.

If you are working on color words you can visit this post on COLOR words and grab a few more FREE activities!



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