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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Reading Strategy Lesson for Beginner Readers

 For word work or phonics activities, I followed the lessons with the activities below.  I just LoVe these activities.  Mostly because I have always used tree maps and circle maps and I wanted a way to introduce them to our kindergarten friends. The most important thing - they loved the activities and they were successful!  Plus my kiddos are in need of cutting practice so I can sneak it in this way.  You can click on the pictures or HERE to see what else is in the unit.  In the picture below the kids glue the short a (_at) word family words in the circle map then they have to make a list using the pictures.  They were so awesome at this! They loved the word searches in this unit just as much! Tonya Leslie   Tonya Leslie
I hope you found something of use on your visit here.  Warm regards!


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