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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Teaching Inspiration . . . Exploration!

I was so amazed with these children.   I am so selfish with my time with my kids in class and I am sure many of you are too with all there is to teach.  Every once in a while when I need a break or the kids just need a break from me I will bring out the blocks, lego's, logs, pattern blocks, etc. just to let them use as they please with no directives.  Of course they are at their happiest at this time too. Besides the much needed interaction with each other and being able to observe how they play and take turns - it is amazing what they come up with.  I am happy that I had my camera with me on this day because when I saw these two kids doing this, I was amazed. 
They were counting the blocks.  They took turns outlining each others foot.  They were comparing who's foot was bigger and had more blocks.  I couldn't have planned a better lesson.  Not to mention, one of the children is not very motivated during the day.  I sometimes need a reminder that children need time to explore and play and that it is not "wasted" time.  I hope their pictures inspire you to let your children play and explore more if you don't already.

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