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Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentines Hoopla . . . Be Kind Social Stories

Here are some pictures from our Valentines Day Activities.  I know it won't help you right now but bookmark it for next year. The kids always have so much fun and in kinder it is especially sweet since it is their first experience with Valentines and giving out cards.  We always talk about being kind to each other in class and building friendships because YES - children can be MEAN! I can't stand it when they are mean to each other! So I love the sweetness this holiday brings out in them.

Click Here or on the picture below to get this FREEBIE.  

I made the number line activity to give children more practice with counting and seeing how many actually made the number.

I had plenty of 1st grade Valentine activities but had to go looking for graphing that was more suited for kindergarten.  I downloaded the graphing activities from "Pocketful of Centers" HERE.  The kids loved it.  It was easy for them to do and it is FREE too.

BE Kind   Be Kind  Be Kind   Be Kind  
So, I could have swore I had posted the "Be Kind" Social Stories that I use in my class but I scrolled through this blog and NOPE - I DID NOT. OOPS.   I had made these social stories to go with the most common behaviors we all have and I actually made them to use with my kiddos.  I haven't used all of them but we but I did use the excluding, teasing, and poking, and pushing story.  I also just project the cause and effect charts on the board and I add the causes and effects as the children come up with the times it has happened to them.  So HERE are the social stories if you need help with specific issues in your class.  I love the images in this unit.  There are writing activities for each social story and a few extra.  If you use these I would love to hear how your class responds to them!  I am a true believer in teaching kids how to respond and behave in situations.
Tonight ends our 4 day weekend - BOO HOO :(  but I am sure glad we had it.  I have been forcefully making myself finish several on-line self paced professional development courses which are all due by March 3rd.  I am the worlds worse procrastinator.  I MEAN the WORSE!  I will do everything but the thing that I am suppose to be doing but it does get done.  That is - as long as I am given a deadline.   So between  modules I took a break and finished this unit.  

These started as mini-units but as I make more they are not so mini but at least the unit gives you options for word-work.  This unit has the variant vowels oo as in book and roof.  You can take a look in the preview if you click on the picture or HERE.




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