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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Have you ever . . . Humor Me Please!

I am so relieved, thankful, and happy to be on spring break!  It was very much needed.  I will be going in to school to work on some posters for literacy night on Tuesday and I really want to rearrange my room but with only 2 months left - I just don't know if that will happen.  My to-do list is longer than  _________  you can fill in the blank there.  I am trying to be politically correct here. 

Anyhow, you know how you think you have heard or seen it all when you teach? I mean kids make you laugh, they frustrate you, and they break our hearts with their stories. Of course in teaching you can never really think you have seen it ALL.   

Well, last Friday I got a call a call from the office secretary informing my student who is a kinder, TP'd the office bathroom and they did a really good job at it.  It took them forever to clean.  Could you imagine????  I just had to laugh.  It wasn't a boy either.   I wish I had a picture.  Now I know I can wrap a toilet paper roll for Christmas and give them it as a gift ever year (in good humor of course).   I'll add that to the list of things students do.   Not only that but the week before I had a kinder hand out printed pictures of Chucky (the doll) on the bus and kids were apparently crying on the bus because of it. Do you know who Chucky is?  Guess what?  Not a boy either.  It was actually one of my sweetest most quietest girls in my class.   DO you have any student stories that can just make us laugh?  Share them, PLEASE so we know we are not alone.  Happy Spring Break if you are on it!  

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