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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The ER an Enchanting Math Resource and more Randomness

Have you seen Arithmetic Village with Polly Plus and Linus Minus?   I wrote a quick post over on Who's Who and Who's New last week.  I just couldn't believe I hadn't ran across that resource before. Once I found the resource, I introduced it to my students immediately and integrated it into the math lessons.  I didn't have everything I wanted to start but it really is amazing what you can come up with when pressed for time and most the time it ends up better than had you planned it!  AMEN to that!  

Kimberly, the extremely creative and generous lady below is the creator of these enchanting resources.  The literature piece to connect the math concepts are just what I needed.  She also sells the hard copy or downloadable copies of the books on her TpT store (I think her store is new because she doesn't have many followers yet and a resource like that - she should have tons).    

Here is what I have done so far and when I have more time to plan and gather the items to fully implement the Linus Minus and Polly Plus I will add pictures.  I purchased these sweet things from party city ($4.99) to tell some stories about Linus Minus.
Right  away we started coloring our minus signs blue and plus signs yellow.   I wanted to use little burlap bags to put gems in for the kids to write math stories in their journals but I am just not there yet (time).   So what did I do - I pulled yellow cubes and blue cubes.  They are not as pretty as the cute gems above I used to tell stories but they work.

Each child had 1 blue and 1 yellow cube (they really were getting mixed up between plus and minus signs prior to this).  I orally told the children math stories with addition and subtraction.  The children held up the cube that corresponded to correct addition sign.  We are now working on listening and writing the stories.

I gave children blue cubes to practice telling and writing subtraction sentences.

They used yellow cubes to practice and tell addition stories and number sentences.

The children wanted to tell the class their own Linus Minus stories and Polly Plus stories.  They caught on super quick and they always want me to reread the books.  

Let me first say, I will add to this post as I take pictures but that will not be happening this week. Nope.  I will be at the hospital with my son.  We were in the ER on Thursday and had to leave school mid-day to pick my son up from school.  He broke his pinky and has to have surgery on Wednesday! All for this little pinky.  We were in the ER for 5 hours then have appts. on Monday and surgery on Wednesday - yes, I said that twice because that means lesson plans - which I despise doing.

My little guy was not happy - at all.   His baseball season is officially over and I really am not sure how his schoolwork is going to work since he will be getting a cast on his writing hand.  They have to pin it.

I really need to start posting more.  I have at least 5 things to say and they should all be different posts but by the time I get around to it I want to say it all at once - sorry about that! For example, I wanted to tell you the story of this ginormous bug , our AMAZING Read Across America Event, my 130 page Fish Unit that took forever, and STmath but I'll have to save those for another time.

Warm regards!

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