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Saturday, May 16, 2015

King of ing Word Work

This is one of my favorite units to date.  The kids were hooked and loved the whole thing.  They often reference ing words and my lowest disengaged students were engaged and can still recall how to spell and read ing words.   There are so plenty of activities to pull from to meet your student needs.  Here are some activities from the unit but not all.

These games are part of the word-work in my class.   

I also included a sheet for assessing if you want to check and see if students can read the words in context.

There is an opportunity to teach multiple meaning words with the words spring/spring and ring/ring.  I gave the option of 2 lists for write the room in case you didn't want to use the bigger ing words with younger students.

This is a fun activity for kids.  If they think it's a toy - they will read the words again and again and again!

Here are some other units that follow the same format if you like this one.

The kids loved these too.  We glittered parts of the crowns for jewels (glitter glue).  If you like this unit you these units follow the same format to help with word work and independence.

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