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Sunday, June 21, 2015

tpt Seller Makeover Challenge

Oh my word!  I joined the TpT Seller Makeover Challenge. You can find the makeover challenge HERE over at Third in Holywood's Blog.   I am bit obsessive when it comes making things. I love playing around with graphics and what happened with this challenge is I took a unit I needed to revise in the end it was completely revised and double the size!  20 hours later - here are some things that changed.
Phonics and Word Work The Way I Teach
 This was/is a Magic E Bundled Unit.  It has 5 sets included in it (shown n the left).  So the problem here is I didn't offer each vowel separately so I wanted to "unbundle" it.  The unit I revised was the Magic E/Long i/i_e that is inside this bundle.  The cover on the left isn't a clear representation on what's in this bundle.  The picture on the right is one of the 5 units in the bundle and shows more.  But now . . . I need to go revise the other 4! 

I did figure out a few "tricks" along the way to make revising easier.  If you are interested in knowing them - leave a comment so I will know to do a separate post about it. Happy SUNDAY
Long I Magice E

The Way I TeachThe Way I Teach

You can find this unit and and how it looks HERE but you'll need to download the preview to see it.  Off to celebrate Father's Day with this wonderful man of 23 YEARS!   


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