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Monday, December 21, 2015

Do you prefer SMALLER or BIGGER?

Okay, as I wrote that title I know what you're thinking.  Pull your head out of the gutter!  That's not what I am asking for heavens sake.   I have been revising some of my earlier phonics units to match my more recent ones and the units became much larger. Now I realize size doesn't matter (stop laughing) but I am curious to know what you teachers prefer.

I am seeing a trend of teachers being tired of piecing everything together. Search here, search there, buy this, buy that, and then still they do not have a comprehensive unit that helps they do everything they need it to do in the classroom.  Time is something teachers don't have enough of so to spend TIME piecing lessons together can be SO TIME C-O-N-S-U-M-I-N-G!!!!!

                            So here is my question to you again.  
       Do you prefer my smaller or bigger Unit?   
                      I'll give you a rundown and a few pictures. 
This much smaller unit worked well for teachers who needed to supplement an existing curriculum.  I liked the calm colors but I had to change the graphics out because to me - they weren't the best quality when printing.   The larger unit has everything the smaller unit has.  Below are some pictures of the much larger unit and the activities included.
The newer units have covers that look like the cover above.  Those units have all the same type of activities.  I'm in the process of redoing all the others like I did this one. 
I thought of all the pieces I needed when teaching and added them to this unit.  I had always used Reading A-Z but many teachers don't have access to it.  I made these books so you could copy the comprehension sheets with it for easy organization in small books or for homework.  If not, it makes it easy to send it home for homework.  I included a generic homework letter too.

I added grammar practice with the same words.  You would need to choose the activities that suit your grade and students abilities/needs.

What teacher doesn't chart or sort words with their students when they are working with a phonics skill?  The colored toppers are large for display in the class after charting words with students. Complete together or have children complete in centers.
Show what you know Independent Sheets. Approx. 7-8 Independent practice sheets.


Okay,  So you see.  This unit is much larger than the original one.  I really try to make sure the units I make include differentiation, learning styles, small group, independent, and partner work.  The pictures I showed for the larger unit didn't show the games included in the unit (there are 3).   I know teaching styles and teaching needs are different so that's why I have the huge variety.  You wouldn't possibly be able to use it all but what parts would you use the most and why?   Please leave a comment if you would telling me.  I would live to know. 

For now this Unit is on sale for $4.00.  I was also thinking of doing a bundle with all the units that have this format.   What are your thoughts on that?  I have 15 or 17 so far with approx. 6-7 needing revised to look like this one.   If you want to see this unit or more like it you can go HERE or click on the any of the pictures above.

As I was writing this post I was thinking, "This should be tied to birds (bird adaptations) and making a birdhouse in the classroom from recycled materials." My brain NEVER stops - SORRYNOTSORRY.

Warm regards and I look forward to your thoughts.  


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