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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Life has Been Sucked out of Me!

I have had this thing in my head that I wanted to make and I was so close and then BAM! Power Point limited me or maybe I limited myself.  I wanted to throw my computer OUT the window.  Maybe because I just spent several days being patient with a project only to find out I was so close YET so FAR AWAY.  The agony. 

When you spend 1 whole day of your teacher spring break doing something that doesn't pan out it can make you grow devil horns.  

I know when to stop.  I won't give up on the project yet but will wait until the summer when I have more time to look for tutorials on the subject.  This thinking outside the box has my brain exploding!

So, I scaled back on what I was trying to do and the result was a math center on steroids with 3 more to follow.  That is, after I take a breather and recollect myself.

So here is that math center on steroids. I say that because it has everything a typical center has and then some.  The best part of it is it has a teacher sanity saving piece in it and when I think about it, I think it serves as a modification and RTI support for students who need that extra help.
Math Centers
So take a look at the video above (included in the unit too in case you don't have internet connection) then click on the PICTURE or HERE to see the math center unit on steroids.  The real name is Decomposing Numbers.

I am done with the computer for the day - D.O.N.E. 

One more thing.  Am I the only one who thinks that what we are having to teach kindergarten kids is a little inappropriate? I'm not saying all of it but I find myself thinking more and more that just because I can get a kindergarten kid to do something doesn't mean it's developmentally appropriate and besides that I think it's more of what is being left out for the sake of teaching them all the other stuff.  
I feel as though we are going sky high with the academics instead of mountain wide.
Just my thought on the matter.

Happy Spring Break (if you are on it)!    


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