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Friday, June 3, 2016

End of The Year Life Saver! 2 FREE Downloads

Teacher friends, I hope I can be of help.  My last day was yesterday so this morning I put together what has been an end of the year life saver for me for 2 years in a row now.  It saves me money, time, and my sanity, Plus, it is still cute and meaningful.  

I threw this together this morning in case you are still in school and could use it.  I know how hectic those last weeks are and I was definitely in a frenzy for the last 6 days straight with field day, kindergarten performances, art portfolios, report cards, assessing, and on and on and on.  

I know many teachers like to send their kids off to summer with something and with good intentions we send summer review packets in hopes that they will do it and not forget what we taught them. Here is an easy, inexpensive, solution for using what you have instead of buying things and copying packets that many kids never look at.

Free End of the Year Activities
First, these toppers are editable so you can personalize it.   I used freezer bags that I stole from home (of course).  Why go to the store when you can just take it from your house?  I had the children pass out the leftover paper books from class.  they stacked them neatly and put them in the bag - NOT ME.  They are kinder kids (I had them flip their chairs around and they each placed one book on each chair so they didn't get mixed with others on their tables).   The bag above has crayons and a password booklet for the computer programs our school uses.  The kids have access to them over the summer.  Those are their crayon boxes from the year and the password booklets are too.  So here is everything in one place so kids can just grab and go in the summer - HOPEFULLY.

End of the Year Activities
We didn't use all the pages in our math notebooks this year so I ripped the used pages out, stapled them, and then the kids colored a "Summer Writing Journal" cover.  After, They glued it on top of the the Math Notebook cover.  They were so excited to have a writing journal to take home.  Last year I had leftover writing  journals that were stapled sheets of paper so the children glued the large journal cover right on top then put it in their bag.

Click on any of the pictures or click HERE to Download your topper and covers.

If you are looking for more End of the year Summer Projects  here is a Reading and Science Project for kids to do over the summer:
Summer Reading Poem
Click on the picture or HERE
Summer Reading Bookmarks
and HERE are the matching Bookmarks that are FREE for you! 

If you need more end of the year easy to  implement activities, check out this Summer Activities Post.

Happy Summer My Teacher Friends! I hope you found something useful to help you out at this time of the year!

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