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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Project and Go Center?

The first thing I did for school this summer was make some activities for the beginning of the school year. You can read about them HERE.  

With that being said, I was making some centers that came to mind and got stuck.  I realized I need a microphone.  I am at a learning curve with what I have in my head to do and am working out the kinks.  I think you will love the centers I have in my head but they are just not ready yet.  They are easier then print and go (easier on the teacher as far as time that is) and engaging for kids. Any suggestions on a good inexpensive microphone? I do hope to have them ready before school starts.

A little about the centers I create:
I am finding that when I go to make a center it isn't a center to go with a theme necessarily (though it might), and I don't make it for the sake of teaching a skill (though it will), but I design them to address some issue I have run across with the implementation, engagement, differentiation, or issue I personally run across with my students in my class.  I hope that the centers I create not only help children focus on a skill but that your students get the most from the time spent on the activity whether it be academic, social, or constructive use of their time.

Here is yet another center that gives you so many options for using it.  Instead of making each one of those words little cards kids had to read and color I put the words all on one sheet.  Again - No little cards or pieces to lose! Plus kids can scan and check their answers and you can use it as a mini-lesson on patterns.
Project and Go Centers

It is as easy as "PROJECT and GO!"  Can I say that?  I am so used to seeing Print and Go I figured "Project and Go" will work.  If you are in a bind you literally can project the activity card and children complete the recording sheet.  Great for subs and 10 minute time fillers but you can also use it as a traditional center.  My plan is to get the entire phonics collection up soon in this format because I can see myself using this - a lot. 

Project and Go Center

You can download one of the short a activities to try HERE for FREE. Tell me what you think.  I'd love to here your thoughts on this activity or the way you plan on using it. 

You can also get the Unit HERE .

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