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Friday, August 4, 2017

QR Codes 101: Creating a QR Code and Using Chromebooks to Scan Them

How to make a QR code

Many teachers have been asking me how to create a QR code and many more teachers have been asking can you use QR codes with Chromebooks.   In this short video, I will show you how to create a QR code and remove adds and how to scan a QR code using a Chromebook.  There may be other ways but here I am showing you what I use and know.  
If you want the interactive professional growth resource and you have no idea what or how you would use a QR code with and need ideas and inspiration along with editable templates, transcripts for the videos, and are left with more questions after the video above - make sure to follow me for when that resource is available. It will be available soon! Along with creating images, audio, and PowerPoint videos to link to QR codes.

I've added the resource but I will be redoing the first video on the first page in the resource download.  I sound gargly and not sure why.  This resource took a long tie but mostly for organizational reasons and getting everything in one document in what I hope is an easy to navigate resource.  Here is an Intro to the resource if you want a better idea of what is in it.
If you want to get started on this QR code journey and want more ideas and guidance,you can find the resource HERE or you can subscribe to this blog through the pop-up subscription and get it FREE as a THANK YOU from me for subscribing. If you don't see it in your email check your promotions.


  1. I am follower 6! I would love to learn more about everything technology. My kids LOVE QR codes!

  2. I am follower 45! I love QR codes!

  3. Thanks for coming here! I hope to add more tech stuff soon. Happy back to school!



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