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Sunday, September 17, 2017

An Open Letter to TpT Feedback Leavers

Dear TpT Feedback Leaver,

Do you know when you leave feedback for a resource that it is more than just words?  At times you inspire, motivate, and brighten our day but what you say is so much more than words. You help us reflect, think, and help us improve our resources with constructive criticism.

Today I am writing this letter because someone left feedback for many resources and they weren't even paid resources.  They were FREE resources which rarely get feedback at all. Someone took the time to leave feedback for not 1 but for 19 resources!  

I opened up my email to find a ton of FEEDBACK and I could absolutely HUG this teacher!  If she was here I would take her out to lunch.  I would take her to get a pedicure. I would take her to get a Starbucks. But most importantly, I would tell her how much I appreciate the feedback and how much it meant to me.  Her feedback came at a time when I needed it most.

This teacher made my day, month, wait . . .
she made my year.  She inspired me not to give up, not to stop creating, not to forget why I create in the first place.  It is feedback like this that feeds our hearts and inspires us to KEEP on KEEPING on.

You see TpT feedback leavers, we spend hours and hours and sometimes upward of 40-80 hours on one resource and sometimes it may take months or even a year and sometimes longer for those resources to be discovered.  When we aren't paid with money for those creations, feedback is a form of payment.  It is a payment to our hearts, to our inspiration, to our motivation.  It is what keeps us going and creating even when there is little to NO monetary gains because it helps us know we helped a fellow teacher and helped more kids besides our own. 

So, TpT feedback leaver, know your feedback does more than give you credit toward future purchases. Know your feedback is appreciated and know that feedback can brighten our day and maybe even stop some resource creators from giving up.  We appreciate your time and value what you say.  Happy TEACHING and CHEERS to a great year!  

Always Thankful,
Tonya Leslie

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