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I am so glad I learned how to put a tab bar on this blog.  I couldn't do an about me profile for my blog because I actually have another blog that has nothing to do with teaching and they both ended up with the same profile (  On this page you will find some more up and personal happenings.

I happen to love little kids, they are so funny and so cute and sometimes they can just drive you crazy! I have three boys of my own.  21,18, and 11.  Two in college, and one 5th grader.  I am married to my high school sweetheart and he is very patient and understanding when it comes to prepping for school.

I am a perfectionist, detail oriented, and I pile things.  A lot of people mistake me for extremely organized but really I'm just detail oriented, not so much organized.  I wish I was - I try.

When I'm not teaching:  We are a huge baseball family.  All 3 boys play baseball and the oldest was drafted out of high school.  Anyone who wants to argue that geographic location isn't a contributing factor in student opportunities - I beg to differ.  We learned a lot along the way and what a unique and exciting experience!
He was drafted in the 15th round but didn't sign.  He hopes to sign this year.  We will know more in June when the MLB draft is here.  So if I am not working you can usually fins us at some baseball event.

Teaching:   Well, I feel my philosophy is ever changing with the times and the kids and as I learn new things.  I try to bring relevance and application with regard to real-life experiences into the classroom.  I also try to do activities where the kids are multi-tasking by learning an academic skill along with a life skill.  If that makes any sense?  It isn't always easy and is also very time consuming.

I have taught for 10 years.  8 years in 1st grade and 2 years in 2nd.  I have a Masters degree in teaching and it had a huge emphasis on social justice. I learned a lot and it changed my thinking in the way I teach. I hope you will find something on this blog useful and if not, hopefully inspiring.

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