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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Diphthongs ou ow and HOLY COW!

really need it......
I am telling you I am trying to get things done but it just isn't happening.  I had Halloween activities I completed for my Kinders (not finished) and I had leaf investigation activities (not finished), I have color units (not finished), I have nursery rhyme units (not finished), I have the diphthongs ou and ow unit - FINISHED! Are you seeing a trend here? Wait - don't answer that. I am the queen of not finished.  I have a kazillion projects going at once and I just need to stop that. Yea! Hip Hip Hooray I say and an  A-M-E-N to that.   I work on things as I need them so as time passes I am too busy making things for the current skills and needs of my kiddos that I don't have time to clean it up and wrap it up so maybe by next year this time I can offer what I did this year - sad face.

This Pin from Pinterest sums up my brain

I actually don't need the phonics units for my kinder kids but I never finished them from last year and had some requests so I am working on that for the moment during these glorious 4 days off.
word work phonics
Here is an ou or ow word search if you want it just for letting me tell you how I don't finish things and how I need to start.  I put it in the preview so you have to download it and scroll down.  This mini-phonics units are turning out to be not so mini.  I get these ideas then add more.  

I am uploading the file HERE.  Sorry for the inconvenience if you went to the preview and it wasn't there.  Here are some more links to FREE resources.

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You can grab the FREE long i word search from my Facebook page.  I didn't realize that when I uploaded a revised version of this unit, I took the word search out of the preview.

Back to the ou ow unit . . .
Here are a few pictures of activities that are not so blurry.  I am really excited about these circle maps.
Word Work Circle Maps

Word Work ou ow

 . . . and I learned from my class last year that I needed variations with the activities so all students could complete the activities confidently and independently.  So almost all the independent practice sheets have 2 options.  Below is a table of contents . . .
Word Work Phonics

Word Work  ou ow Word Families
You can click on any of the pictures to go to the unit or HERE.
And again, here is your link to the FREE word search.
Good Night.

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